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Ukraine Refugee Support Projects
21st Century Church - Prague


Generators & Heaters


Food & Hygiene Packs





Would you consider joining with us to help the war torn families from Ukraine?

01 We are delivering generators, heaters and solar devices directly to families in the Ukraine who live in areas where the power grid has been decimated. Your financial support is needed to provide this equipment. 

03 Each weekday hot meals are served at our church in Prague for women and children who are Ukrainian refugees. Monthly donations enable this program to continue feeding these families.

02 Weekly Food and Hygiene packs are provided at our church in Prague for Ukrainian refugees along with group Bible Studies and individual counseling. Monthly donations are needed to sustain this important project.

04 Many churches in Ukraine need an automobile to enable the church to visit and minister to the needs of their members. Your support helps us purchase used autos within EU countries for delivery in Ukraine.

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21st Century Church in Prague, Czech Republic is an affiliate of
Light for Living, Inc., a 501C3 Non-Profit supporting Worldwide missionaries.