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Ailigandi, San Blas, Panama

...Por Su gracia ...By His Grace

Marvel Lonnie and Children.JPG

Before Marvel came to Ailigandi girls were not allowed to attend school. But, with her persistent efforts she convinced the tribal leaders to let the girls go to the school she created for them.
Pictured above is Marvel & Lonnie Iglesias with the female students.

Marvel Elya from Michigan (born in 1909) met and married Alcibiades (Lonnie) Iglesias, a Kuna Indian while they were studying to be missionaries in the USA. Marvel went with Lonnie to live on his home island, Ailigandi, one of the 378 San Blas islands off the coast of Panama. The Lord used their efforts to start a church on Ailigandi. As a result of their dedication over the years 28 churches were started on 28 of the San Blas islands. The couple adopted an abandoned 2 year old and named him Lonnie after his adopted father. They sent Lonnie to attend Christian schools in the US. After graduating from college Lonnie returned to his home country and was employed by the US government on a military base there in Panama. In his retirement, Lonnie is committed to carrying on the work of his parents throughout the San Blas islands. The old island churches are in need of repair and there is a need for providing leadership, education and training for the pastors.

Lonnies Family Collage.jpg

Marvel and Lonnie Iglesias have passed on their legacy of ministry to their son Lonnie and his wife Rosana (pictured on the right) Lonnie and Rosana have been blessed with a family of seven daughters and two sons. The daughters are Rosan, Rose, Roxanam Roxany, Lois, Lolly and Joseline. Their Sons are Eliseo and Robby Iglesias. The family now resides on the mainland of Panama.

Today there are still many needs among the tribal people from the San Blas Islands. Only 49 of the 378 Islands are inhabited and 28 of them have a church. The Bible has been translated into their tribal language. The pastors of those churches struggle to make ends meet because poverty is prevalent among the people.

Would you pray for Lonnie as he ministers to these folks. If the Lord lays it on your heart would you consider supporting them financially?

Fall 2019 - Installation  of  a  Solar  Power System providing  Light for Living & Teaching

Solar Panel.jpg
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