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Tatiana Gumenyuk

Tatiana grew up in a Christian family in Ukraine during communism where she was blessed to be involved in the underground persecuted church in the city of Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region. Later in her life as young girl she traveled to the US as God provided an opportunity for her to study at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC where she graduated with a Masters degree.
    The people in Ukraine, after communism, began to experience relative religious freedom that encouraged growth of Evangelical Christian churches. In 2022 Tatiana and her family’s world turned upside down. Ukraine, that had survived communism and Christian persecution by the Soviet Union, was invaded by Russia
   Through the years Tatiana had observed her parents demonstrate the peace of God, even under persecution, as they raised their 10 children. They had survived World War II and communist oppression. Her parents had taught their children to not only love and care for each other, but to extend that love and concern to others. When the war broke out she was initially peaceful and calm, even as the bombs exploded nearby. She wanted everyone to know they only needed Jesus and no one else.
   As the war progressed they knew they had to seek a safer place in order to survive. Tatiana helped her brother Slava and his 7 children flee to Germany. They also took her two sisters and 5 ladies with them. Her sister Vera and a local church helped them send special convoys of supplies back to Ukraine. Tatiana and her sisters reached out to many hurt and traumatized Ukrainian ladies and their children. The Lord has recently blessed her with an apartment in Germany where she can invite groups of young ladies for special times of fellowship, Bible study and prayer.
    For the past two years, Tatiana, has been battling stage 3 melanoma and is relying on God as she and her prayer partners pray for healing. She is also trusting God to touch the hearts of people to provide the financial support she needs to continue her ministry.
   Please keep Tatiana, in your prayers as you consider supporting her financially. You may consider supporting her on a recurring monthly basis as well as a one-time gift. All your donations come thru Light for Living Inc and are tax deductible as provided by law.
   Thank you in advance for your consideration and may God Bless you.


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