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Light for Living is a fellowship of God-called believers who have banded together to carry out the Great
Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19, 20. Missionaries are encouraged to exercise their spiritual
gifts and calling under the leadership of the Spirit of God. Founded in 1990, the ministry is
continuing to grow with activities and branches reaching around the world.
We accept missionaries from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds
who have accepted God’s call to ministry and to whom God
has given the spiritual gifts necessary for carrying
out the Great Commission.


To Live and work to glorify God in all things and by all means, so that in all things Christ might have the preeminence.


We recognize the value of training and supporting national missionaries. Therefore, we partner with them in various ways to evangelize, disciple new converts and plant churches among their own people.


When doors are closed to missionaries, we take advantage of the open doors for social work. Medical teams, educational and technical people can be witnesses to the power of God to bring life and peace to those thirsting for righteousness.

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