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21st Century Church

Oleg Gricyk pastor
21st Century Church
Prague Czech Republic

Pastor Oleg Gricyk planted the 21st Century Church in 2009 to reach the Russian speaking people in Prague. Thru these years it has grown to include several additional ministries. The church has a Preschool in a separate rented facility. Since the beginning of the war on Ukraine the 21st Century Church has been providing support for Ukrainian refuges living in Prague as well as transporting supplies to churches within Ukraine for distribution to families who have been adversely affected by the war.

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In 2022 the Lord provided a way for the church to have their own multiuse facility. On Sundays the facility is configured for church services. During the week it can be reconfigured to provide meals and meeting space for spiritual counseling and Bible classes for the refugees. The multiuse facility is not large enough to accommodate the preschool.

For the past few years, 21st Century Church as been renting a separate facility for the Preschool. This has been adequate; however, the government has initiated new regulations regarding the design of preschool space which creates a need to move the preschool to another location. Property and facilities that will meet the new requirements are expensive and difficult to find. The Church is facing a short deadline to acquire and build out a new facility. An estimated $2 million is needed for this project.

Since the beginning of the war on Ukraine thousands of refugees have come into the Czech Republic. The 21st Century Church immediately began to assess the needs to provide for some of those people. By opening their doors for meals, counseling and classes they have helped hundreds of refugees. As the war lingered on news from Ukraine began highlighting the needs within that country. Shortages of food, water, foods and supplies became evident. Churches inside Ukraine were struggling to provide for their communities. The 21st Century Church asked Light for Living, Inc., to spread the word about the needs. Together with First Baptist Church in Clinton, MS, Light for Living and some area businesses contributed to purchase a van for delivering supplies as well as providing funds for the purchase of generators and heaters, food and water, supplies and personal hygiene items to be to be taken into Ukraine. Those trips are ongoing; however, the cost for continuing to provide the items is $12,000 per trip.

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You can be a part of this work in Prague and Ukraine by praying and financially supporting this ministry on a continual basis. 100% of funds donated thru Light for Living, Inc are sent to the 21st Century Church to be used for these projects.

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