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Eternal Light India 

Members of Light for Living have ministered in India during the past twenty five years. Charles Gilmore, founder of Light for Living, was involved in the beginning of “Eternal Light India”, Amar Jyoti India.  We joined with Amar Jyoti on various missionary projects. Light for Living and Amar Jyoti India have now partnered together so that we can be a conduit of ministry to the people of India.


Amar Jyoti has several hundred churches in south central India. These churches are Bible based, nondenominational, New Testament pattern, missionary oriented and indigenous. Other ministries include discipleship, Bible and leadership training. People from non-Christian backgrounds may receive instruction in the Word of God at seeker conferences. Amar Jyoti reaches a cross section of the population, urban, rural and tribal. During the past quarter century the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the ministry of AJI has touched the hearts and lives of thousands in India.

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