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...has a heart dedicated to serving God and the people of Argentina. Juan ministers to a cross section of the Argentine population including families living on the street in shelters made of cardboard and plastic. These families live in fear, hunger and squalor. Juan shares the good news of the Gospel to these lost Souls while helping to meet their physical needs. Most of these people know about God, but do not know Him as Lord. Over 74% of the Argentine people are Catholic and know about religion, but many have never accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Another important part of Juan's ministry is to the evangelical church and its leaders. Only about 8% of the Argentine people are evangelical. Most churches are small and scattered across the country. Many who attend these small churches have had very little Bible knowledge and teaching. So, Juan is ministering to folks who have never studied the Bible. He travels from church to church holding leadership and Bible study conferences.

                                                Juan is an author of Bible study books that continue to have an
                                                impact on people's lives. His teaching ministry has brought
                                                many believers to a closer walk with God. Juan's marriage
                                                seminars have impacted the lives of many married couples.
                                                Argentine couples are exposed to the same pressures of
                                                married life couples in other cultures. Husbands and wives are
                                                discovering the joy of a Christian home relationship. As the
                                                family relationship improves it also has a positive effect on
                                                their children.

God is using the ministry of Juan Ovando to reach the heart and lives of hundreds of Souls across Argentina.

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