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Pastor Nikolai a Ukraine Relief Project of the 21st Century Church Prague

In the heart of Ukraine, amidst the turmoil of war, there is a beacon of hope named Pastor Nikolai. While many had the opportunity to leave the country during these challenging times, he chose to stay and make a difference in the lives of those affected by the conflict. His unwavering commitment to bringing the Gospel and humanitarian aid to the most dangerous regions of Ukraine is nothing short of inspiring. Pastor Nikolai's mission is fueled by his passion to serve and his trusty old car, a faithful companion on countless journeys. To truly understand the trials he faces, you must imagine the treacherous terrain he navigates. He doesn't just drive on roads; he conquers off-road challenges regularly. Why? Because the roads are often ravaged by bombings or too perilous to travel, shrouded in the constant threat of enemy fire.

The miles he covers each month are staggering, and his car endures tremendous wear and tear. To continue his vital work, Pastor Nikolai requires ongoing assistance. Here are a few ways you can make a significant impact:

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Repair Vehicle


Purchase Newer Vehicle


Purchase Fuel Monthly


Buy Medicine & Supplies

Would you consider financially helping Pastor Nikolai
to provide for the war torn families from Ukraine?

01 Pastor Nikolai's trusty old car is his lifeline to those in need. Consider contributing to the maintenance and repair of this vital vehicle. Even small donations can help keep it on the road, allowing him to reach those who desperately need his assistance. See Photo at bottom of page..

03 The miles are long and the terrain unforgiving. Supporting Pastor Nikolai with fuel costs ensures he can keep moving forward, reaching remote areas where help is needed the most.

02 As much as Pastor Nikolai relies on his old car, it's showing signs of age. A new, more reliable vehicle would not only improve his safety but also increase the efficiency of his missions. A new car would be a powerful tool for his ministry.

04 Ongoing contributions are necessary to provide the medicine, hygiene and food supplies the people need in the war torn areas of Ukraine to continue to survive.

Pastor's Burnt Car

One fateful day, after a successful mission trip to Kherson where humanitarian aid and the Gospel were brought to those in need, Pastor Nikolai lent his car to another missionary. Tragically, the vehicle caught fire on a personal errand, rendering it inoperable. It was a close call, as it could have happened on the way to the dangerous regions he often travels to.
     In the face of this setback, we are rallying together to ensure that Pastor Nikolai can continue his vital work. Let us stand by him as he selflessly serves the people of Ukraine during this turbulent time. Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of those who rely on his unwavering dedication.
     Join us in supporting Pastor Nikolai's mission, and together, we can bring light and hope to the darkest corners of Ukraine. Donate today and be a part of this inspiring journey of faith and service.

21st Century Church in Prague, Czech Republic is an affiliate of
Light for Living, Inc., a 501C3 Non-Profit supporting Worldwide missionaries.

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