Care for Widows

                                                 ...exists to:  Meet the needs of impoverished widows in developing
                                                 countries who have been abandoned or have no family to care for
                                                 them. Provide a way for individuals and groups to connect to and help
                                                 fulfill the care of widows as found throughout scripture. Establish income producing projects and safe housing within the widows’ communities.


Did you know that widows are mentioned more than seventy times in scripture?

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.”  Psalm 68:5

My story begins with my love of orphans from an early age. I remember playing “orphanage” with my dolls, and they were companions to me in a lonely childhood. While still in nursing school, I took my first trip to Honduras as part of a medical and dental team. After many repeat trips serving the least of these in a humanitarian capacity, I chose to follow Christ, as did my husband Stephen who is a dentist. We spent a season of our lives, while raising our
four sons, traveling extensively to remote areas of the world. While on
these extended trips in which we set up many medical and dental clinics,
we not only grew in our faith but developed precious friendships across
the world. While we no longer travel as often as we once did, we have
maintained these contacts in some very difficult areas with people in great
need. I have felt God stirring me recently to study His word regarding
widows and find that they are mentioned more than seventy times in
scripture! He often talks about them in conjunction with the orphans. I used to pray, “Break my heart with what breaks yours, Lord”, but now I pray, “Lord, will you please use me to bring comfort to those your heart is broken for”.                                           --Lauren K Executive Director

Care for Widows
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